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Dive into Luxury with True Star Outdoor Solutions - Your Premier Choice for Pool Landscaping in North Dallas

At True Star Outdoor Solutions, we understand that a well-designed pool is not just a feature; it’s a destination. Elevate your poolside experience with our expert pool landscaping services in North Dallas. From serene retreats to vibrant entertainment spaces, we specialize in creating landscapes that complement your pool’s beauty and functionality.


Tropical Oasis Design:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of a tropical paradise with our exotic landscaping designs. From lush palms to vibrant flowering plants, we create an oasis around your pool that transports you to a resort-like haven in the heart of North Dallas.

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Deck and Patio Integration:

Seamlessly blend your pool area with functional and stylish decks or patios. Our experts design and install custom surfaces that not only enhance your pool's aesthetics but also provide comfortable spaces for lounging, dining, and entertaining.

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Privacy Solutions:

Enjoy your pool in peace with our thoughtful privacy solutions. Whether it's strategically placed greenery, pergolas, or decorative screens, we create intimate spaces around your pool while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere.

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Water Features and Fountains:

Elevate the ambiance of your pool with captivating water features. Our team designs and installs fountains, waterfalls, and cascading features that add a touch of luxury and tranquility to your poolside retreat.


Outdoor Lighting:

Extend the magic of your poolside oasis into the evening with expertly designed outdoor lighting. From subtle pathway lights to dramatic pool lighting, we create a captivating ambiance that enhances safety and aesthetics.

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Why Choose True Star Outdoor Solutions for Pool Landscaping:

Bespoke Designs for Every Pool:

Whether you have a compact urban pool or a sprawling backyard oasis, our team tailors landscaping designs to suit your pool's unique size, shape, and surroundings.

Expert Plant

Our horticultural expertise ensures the selection of plants that thrive in North Dallas' climate, providing a lush and vibrant landscape year-round.

Attention to Detail:

True Star Outdoor Solutions is committed to precision and excellence. Every element, from plant placement to hardscaping integration, is meticulously planned and executed for a cohesive and beautiful result.


We believe in collaboration. Your input is valued throughout the process, ensuring that the final pool landscaping reflects your vision and lifestyle.

Our Work

Ready to Transform Your Space with style and durability?

Transform your pool area into a luxurious retreat with True Star Outdoor Solutions’ pool landscaping services. Contact us today for a consultation, and let’s create the perfect outdoor haven for your North Dallas home!