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North Dallas Award Winning Landscape Services

Transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes, our award-winning services at North Dallas exemplify excellence in design, execution, and maintenance. With a passionate commitment to crafting picturesque environments, we cater to discerning clients seeking unparalleled beauty and functionality in their outdoor spaces.

Our Goal is to Make Your Yard an Extension of Your Home

Frisco, TX Landscaping

We are not just about landscapes, pools, or outdoor lighting – we specialize in crafting your ideal outdoor living spaces – Frisco and Prosper through careful planning and skilled craftsmanship. Our landscaping services Frisco & Prosper are designed to turn your ideas into functional yet inviting areas that add value and aesthetics to your home.

True Star’s expertise ensures your project reflects both your taste and lifestyle, from soothing landscape designs to stylish pool remodels that add lasting memories of summer fun, to strategic lighting installations that bring outdoor spaces alive. When investing in True Star landscaping services in Frisco and Prosper, you are not simply purchasing quality materials with outstanding craftsmanship – rather you are investing in outdoor spaces which reflect who you truly are as an individual.

Prosper and Frisco, TX homeowners trust us for landscaping services, pool renovation, and lighting solutions. We take great pride in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers – let us help bring about your vision, create the ideal outdoor retreat, and transform your home into the True Star of its neighborhood

Envision: Landscapes, Outdoor Living & Pool Remodels

Each design is meticulously crafted by our experts, taking into account the client’s budget, lifestyle, and preferences. We invest time to thoroughly understand your individual circumstances, cultivating a design concept that precisely addresses your project’s distinct features. Our objective with every creation is to capture your vision in a way that elevates your outdoor living experience, making us your top choice for landscaping services Frisco & Prosper.

Landscaping Services - Frisco & Prosper

Execute: Craftsmanship Over Convenience

It’s true – quality craftsmanship is in our DNA. We’re big on precision, ensuring every finish stands the test of time, every structure radiates durability, every technique is thought through, and every design is timeless. It’s why we focus on creating spaces that will survive through seasons, staying with you while your family grows and needs change.

Exceed Lighting, Finishes & Details

Details are everything. They’re not mere add-ons, they’re the soul of your outdoor spaces. These elements do more than just decorate; they create the atmosphere, boost the comfort, and make your landscapes, outdoor kitchens, and pool areas truly useful. We don’t just pick lighting and finishes out of a hat. We choose them with care, blending them into your space to enhance both its practicality and its charm, ensuring that your landscaping services Frisco & Prosper result in an outdoor space that feels like a true extension of your home. What’s our endgame? To find that sweet spot that makes your outdoor space feel like a true extension of your home.